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Contribution to the Design in Dialogue Lab of the Chair of Architecture and Urban Transformation run by Prof. Freek Persyn.

The physical space of the ETH ONA building is meant as a versatile work and dialogue setting,  to offer the conditions for a variety of work sessions, informal gathering, presentations and publi events; it combines theatrical element with tools for coproduction.  The Lab was developed in collaboration with Alice Babini (51N4E), Myriana Karamousli (ETH), Stefan Reiser, OK-RM & Chevalier Masson.

The circular curtain ( H: 520 x  L: 2600 cm in 4 pieces ) consists of a double-side surface with a woolen chromatic inside and a black translucid synthetic filter on the outside.  The woolen part is made of second hand blankets from the French army, offering slight differences of shades and textures in the surface. All the elements are assembled with eyelets according to a precise grid, letting light through and shaping a herringbones relief; this mechanical process enables the piece to be totally disassembled.  The strong material and chromatic contrast between outside and inside enhances the scenographic issue, it also reacts a lot to light variations.

The "cabane" is made of a 82 m2 assemblage of polyester fabric, with four main hanging points. Other hanging points are tagged to allow lots of different space configurations. A 1:10 model remains in the Lab to experiment possible uses and variations.

The cabane is produced with the support of Kvadrat.









model on site - photo: Max Creasy
photo: Max Creasy
photo: Max Creasy
curtain assemblage in process
photo: Alice Babini
in the studio
plan of the "cabane"
 1 :10 cabane model - photo: Max Creasy
prototype at 51N4E office

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